Tranzband – Powered Conveyor Systems


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Whether straight transfer, accumulation, around bends or through gates, TRANZBAND powered conveyors have been proven in many industrial situations. The basis of the system is the tough polyurethane bands which enables each grooved roller to be independently driven from a common line shaft.
A simple concept which provides the entire system with reliablity and flexibility, plus minimum power consumption due to no loss of energy through skid friction. The only friction point is the long-life acetal spools slipping on the line shaft during accumulation.
  • Tranzband’s modular construction allows the system to be altered or added to easily
  • Standard lengths are 2400mm and 1200mm
  • Easy height adjustment on the stands – 600 to 900mm
  • Rollers under the product/package stop when it comes up against a physical stop
  • Accumulation pressure is adjustable using a Line Brake
  • Standard bends are 90º and 45º with other angles available
  • 800mm inside radius
  • Tapered rollers on Bends give accurate, powered transfer


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